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Mariners 200th Anniversary

Even though our 200th anniversary is five years away, we are already hard at work preparing the celebration our beloved Lodge deserves to mark such a momentous occasion.  In order to ensure a successful bicentennial that future Mariners will look back upon in awe, we are soliciting the support of the Brethren and our fellow Masonic community.  By contributing to the 200th Anniversary Fund you can help ensure that the events not only will be suitably majestic but affordable for all Mariners, Masons, & Guests who wish to celebrate 200 years of Mariners Lodge No. 67.


              On behalf of the 200th Anniversary Committee, I am asking you to help with a donation to the 200th Anniversary Fund.  We understand the present times are particularly challenging for many and, if that’s the case for you, rest assured that there will be many future opportunities to contribute.  If it is within your means to make a donation today, we ask that you kindly click the link below and make a contribution to help ensure the success of our Lodge’s 200th-anniversary celebrations.  All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged, and memorialized in the archives of the Lodge.

Best Wishes,


Omar K. Dinar

Anyone wishing to donate a different amount or set-up a monthly recurring donation - Please Click on the button below.  You will be re-directed to the contact page of this website. 

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