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Mariners Lodge No 67 
Current sponsored Charity 

MMRI is an internationally recognized biomedical research institute founded by the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in the State of New York in 1958.

“ I am tremendously proud of our team’s advances in knowledge and innovative approaches to disease therapy. We are committed to building an infrastructure of independent thinking and transparency to help promote the growth and curiosity of all our scientists. We are striving to make training and professional development a top priority.”

-Dr. Maria I. Kontaridis, Executive Director / Director of Research / Gordon K. Moe Professor and Chair Biomedical Research and Translational Medicine.

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Bench to Bedside

Masonic Medical Research Institute is empowering science for the development of new diagnostics, treatments, and therapies to cure disease.

Past sponsored Charities

Childhood Cancer Society (CCS) began with the vision of a 16-year-old high school student who realized that having family around him while he was being evaluated for childhood leukemia, created the support that he needed to cope. There is nothing more powerful than the miracles that result from the love of family, and it is the mission of CCS to see to it that children diagnosed with cancer have the opportunity to experience the benefits that come from this vital support system. A true miracle happens when a child looks up from a hospital bed and feels the comfort of loved ones at…


Our mission is to serve, change lives and empower people in underserved communities by providing access to clean water and healthier communities


In response to the global water crisis, we have partnered with local and foreign organizations to work towards addressing the immediate challenges certain communities around the globe are experiencing in obtaining drinkable freshwater on a sustainable basis. As such, we created Clean Water For Children, Inc., a community committed to providing Clean Water For Children in underdeveloped parts of the world

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